Cliche, or not cliche

A quick search on Flickr  using “Flowers Backlit” gives up over 9000 results.  So if it’s already been done to such a degree and this is true of almost all photographs taken today then why do we continue.  Well for me a portion of it is the act of creation, I enjoy the time that goes into creating an image as much or more than the image itself.  I will be the first to admit these are average images that don’t inspire much of a response but they are my images and they may be a step that leads towards the creation of something that is better.

One Response to “Cliche, or not cliche”

  • Nikhil Ramkarran Says:

    Cliche or not, I like them. Particularly the second one. For some people (like us) who look at a significant number of photographs on a regular basis it is easy to become jaded with particular types of images. But many of the people who see our images are seeing them with fresh eyes.

    Those people might not be concerned whether the images are cliched or not, they will only care that they have seen a good or interesting image from you. This is why I never worry whether someone has done a particular image before.

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