Jan 5 2012

BC Sugar

The B.C. sugar refinery warehouse building is very photogenic and I couldn’t pass it up when I was at the Vancouver waterfront recently.  There is little point to me writing about it’s history as there  is an excellent article in the Vancouver Sun that covers it all.  Sugar Coated History


Jul 12 2011

Lunch with Ken Lum at the VAG


OK I didn’t actually have lunch with Ken Lum, I’ve never met him but I’m pretty sure that if he is as interesting as his art it would be a good lunch.  What I did do aside from eat at the cafeteria at the Vancouver art gallery was see the Ken Lum exhibit as well as “The Colour of My Dreams THE SURREALIST REVOLUTION IN ART”  both are fantastic shows.  and were well worth the trip.  As is usual for me I carried a camera, which I would not have dreamed of using in the gallery.  I surendering it at the front desk for safe keeping, while people with camera phones snuck around pretending to be ignorant of the rules.  I saw you behind that Jim Campbell installation!  Anyway here are some of the images I shot in colour with my new Nikon P7000.

Jul 11 2011

Vancouver trip B&W’s

I took the train into Vancouver to see the surrealist exhibition at the Vancouver Art Gallery.  Of course I took along my latest camera the Nikon P7000 which is an advanced point and shoot.  One of the most surreal moments aside from the guy that talked to me while he washed his feet in the fountain and the women carrying the injured pigeon was the woman who tripped and put her hand right in the middle of a surrealist painting.  I had a moment where I had to think, did that just happen?