BC Sugar

The B.C. sugar refinery warehouse building is very photogenic and I couldn’t pass it up when I was at the Vancouver waterfront recently.  There is little point to me writing about it’s history as there  is an excellent article in the Vancouver Sun that covers it all.  Sugar Coated History


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  • Duncan Says:


  • Nikhil Ramkarran Says:

    An excellent set, as usual. Guyana has a long history with sugar also. Up to now the sugar company is still one of the largest companies.

    I’ve been trying to inveigle an invitation to shoot one of the only factories for the longest while. Several of them are relics of the 19th century, even having the old steam machinery.

    It would be a great experience to shoot at one of these places.

  • Wallace Says:

    I hope you are able to, I’m sure that the images would be great and maybe they would allow it if you shared them with them. I did not know that about Guyana I will look that up.

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