Oct 22 2014

Autumn Colours 2014

It’s that time of year again.  Despite the danger of repeating myself I like to gather together a few images of the fall foliage I see each year. Here they are for 2014 and if you don’t get enough  2013 , 2012, 2011 and autumn sun

Oct 29 2013

Autumn Colours 2013

Just like spring has its blossoms Autumn has its leaves.  I  love the fall colours and can’t seem to get enough of them, the following is a selection from this year.  More pictures can be seen here Autumn Pictures 2012 Autumn Pictures 2011Autumn Sun And more images and info about the night pictures at Duncan Turners Blog



Nov 22 2012

Autumn colours 2012

I can’t help myself, I absolutely love the colours of autumn, and enjoy taking and looking at photo’s of the changing leaves. Here are some of my picks from this autumn and here are last years Autumn Colours 2011

Oct 25 2011

Autumn colours

It’s Autumn here right now and the leaves are changing colour so I though I would post a few images with that in mind.