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Wester Autorol

I’m not sure if it was the cold weather or the lack of use of the camera but I found after I developed my film that the shutter had been stuck open and closed a couple times during my resent use of it.  Thats a shame because it’s an otherwise great camera.  The coupled rangefinder […]

Wester Autorol

There is no denying the appeal of the square when it comes to medium format. From my original Dianna to my Rolleiflex the square rules. The advantage the Autorol has over the others though is it has a better lens and shutter than the Dianna and is more compact than the Rollei. The results are also great, […]

Wester Autorol Samples

I’ve chosen to concentrate on this image because it demonstrated all that the camera can do.  Once scanned the file is around 5200×5200 pixels or something equivalent to a 25 Mega pixel camera file. Here is a 100% crop from the above image. And here you can see that when the lens is shot wide […]

Wester Autorol

Of all my cameras this may be the most obscure.  While it is a conventional medium format folder the company that produced it seems less so (Nishida).  They apparently existed between about 1936 and 1958, producing some cameras in their later years under the Wester name.  What information there is about this camera online is mostly […]

Fuji Provia 400f Cross Processed in C41

I acquired this roll of expired Provia 400f from Beau photo and its been in my fridge waiting its turn.  I finally loaded it into the Wester Autorol which is a nice folding 120 rangefinder.  More about this camera can be seen in these posts Wester Autorol  .  But primarily I wanted to talk about […]

Double exposure

Just as I seem to be able to cause light leaks through mind power, I’m also able to cause double exposures.  This picture was taken with my Wester Autorol and even though it has a frame advance that “should” prevent double exposure it was no match for my powers.  OK what likely happened is that I forgot […]