Wester Autorol



I’m not sure if it was the cold weather or the lack of use of the camera but I found after I developed my film that the shutter had been stuck open and closed a couple times during my resent use of it.  Thats a shame because it’s an otherwise great camera.  The coupled rangefinder is nice to have and not that common with folding medium format cameras.


More about this camera from me here Wester Autorol

One thing about one cameraThe Wester Autorol weighs just over 700grams or slightly less than a Nikon D750 or 4 Pentax Q7’s it’s neither small nor light

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  • siddique Says:

    found an old one in a really bad state and attempting a rebuild…if I can only figure out how to detach the film advance dial in order to pop the top off…any ideas.
    I’ve released the three small screws and the only other screw i can see is in the take up spool chamber and that one seems stuck solid. please help with any ideas..

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