Konica Zup28W


The film point and shoot cameras that have a wide-angle of 28mm are a bit of an odd bunch and this one fits right in.  This Konica though is one of  the best of them optically.  It has very little vingetting unlike the Sigma 28 AF Zoom and much less distortion than others like the Fuji DL super Mini or the Konica Lexio 70.  The only other film point and shoot that seems to be as good is the Canon Z90W.

The zoom function operates in an interesting way with a single button.  The way it works is that it starts at 28mm and zooms in to 56mm and then starts back down towards 28mm so don’t go too far because it’s a long way back.

There isn’t much info available online about this camera likely because of its rarity but it appears to have a lens formed through 8 elements in 7 groups with apertures of 3.5 – 6.6 .  It’s also large and heavy which limits my desire to pack it around.  The Fuji Cardia is much easier to pack and the Canon Z90W is more versatile while also being smaller.   Sorry Konica Zup28W your good but not good enough.



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