Konica Big Mini (A small camera of sizable ability)

The Konica Big Mini is a camera that on first look might be easy to dismiss.  It has a boxy appearance and seems just slightly larger than it needs to be.  But it also a camera that just works.  There is no fiddling or wondering or setting there is just pointing and shooting.  This is of course the appeal of cameras of this type with the added benefit that this camera actually does allow adjustments like exposure compensation of +- 1.5 EV.   There is a bit of vignetting but that is part of the look from the camera and is not objectionable.  There is more information and images from the camera here Konica Big Mini including frustratingly a number of oxymorons that I wrote, but I’m not sure that I’m finding them all anymore.

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  • Konica Giant Shrimp | Wallace Koopmans Artlog Says:

    […] My mistake its the Big Mini, a great little camera that fits neatly into a camera bag owing to its flat sides without any protuberances when turned off (I had to add that last part when I realized the picture I took of it had it’s lens sticking out). And it’s that lens that makes this camera one to have. I haven’t been disappointed yet when using this camera the exposures have been right on and the image quality great.  More Konica Big Mini […]

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