Yashica J

Most of what I know about this camera is described on the front of it. Its a Yashica It has a 32mm f3.5 lens and it has autofocus what else do you need to know? Its a J. First off before you look at the pictures and draw the wrong conclusion I don’t know what was up with this roll of film but the negatives were thin and looked like they had soap bubbles. This points to the development and in addition I also shot part of this roll in a Rollei and the results were similar.

The best part of the Yashica J though is that it takes regular AA batteries.

Between writing this post and posting it I gave this camera away. Well actually I also dropped it which damaged some of the plastic and looking at it reminded me of how I had been in such a rush that I hadn’t made sure I had a good grip on it. So someone gets a camera and I get to try to forget that annoyance.

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