Minolta Freedom Vista with Kodak 200

No that’s not the deterioration of this camera over time. The one on top was stolen from my vehicle and the bottom one is its replacement. Not really an upgrade in aesthetics but just as good at taking pictures. In addition to always capturing images at a 2.75 aspect ratio the camera sports a 24mm wide angle lens. That aspect ratio is nearly approaching 3 to 1 which forces you to think differently when composing. The image quality doesn’t allow for much enlargement but the panoramic format is a nice change when it comes to composition. More information and samples can be found in the links bellow the gallery.

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  • vicvl Says:

    Oh that vertical one with the river and the one with the green tree / environment ! Fantastic! I like this lil camera, but for some reason I take more vertical shots than regular panos.

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