Expired film given a push

I’ve had some mixed results with expired Kodak Gold the main issue being the way it curls making it hard to hold flat for scanning. It also fogs and has poor contrast. So I decided to give a little push during development of this Gold 200 to roughly ISO 320. I can’t really say it came out better it still has more of a brown mask than orange but I could at least see the gaps between frames which I have also found to be a problem with expired Kodak Gold. The good news is that the Olympus XA I shot it with worked perfectly.

To achieve the push I merely increased the development time of the Unicolor kit I was using. The standard time for development is 3:30 min pushing two stops is 1.5x or 5:25, pushing 1 stop is 1.25x or 4:40, so going from 200 to 320 is 2/3 stops or a 1.16x increase for a time of 4:05. That is not to suggest that I’m achieving a to the second level of accuracy. There is difference in how long it takes to pour in and out the chemistry and when I start or stop the timer. Not to mention the variations in agitation.

Sometimes though I like the look of expired film with its blocked up blacks and its pee yellow highlights, vive la différence

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