Yashica T4 with Fuji Superia 400

Even back in 1996 when the Yashica T4 super was new it was considered the poor mans Contax T2. The thing is they are both made by Yashica or more precisely Kyocera despite the massive price gap. Granted the Contax is made of titanium while the T4 is made of plastic but they both have Carl Zeiss T* branded lenses. The T4’s lens is a four element Tessar a design found in many cameras with many names but most famous under the Zeiss brand.

The super scope waste level finder of the T4 is one of those features that you might not always need but is sure nice when you do.

I think that a lot of cameras of this time are pretty good so does the T4 really deserve the “cult” status that it achieved? Maybe as a photographic tool as it is pretty good but it doesn’t justify a large price premium. That being said if you really want a Zeiss T* lens but don’t want to pay Contax prices then this is a good middle ground.

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  • Dh Says:

    Nice shots. Looks like a good camera to me….

    You must have more than a few by now ….
    Nothing like film and film cameras though , For the experience of it if not more

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