Canon BF10

  • There once was a camera from Canon
  • It’s lens like a Widelux from Panon
  • It took in the scene
  • from valley to ravine
  • Wow I didn’t realize how few words there are that rhyme with Canon I mean I should have considered this when I started writing this limerick.

Forget about the bad poetry what about the camera? Well the reason I would even bother writing about a plastic point and shoot from 2003 is because of its 26mm f6 three element lens. Perusing my blog it would become apparent that I like wide angle film cameras and the wider the better. So 26mm is very unique and deserves some attention. The downside though is in an effort to make this camera cheap Canon stripped it of functionality. An example of this is that it can only read the DX code for 100 or 400 ASA film and there is no manual override. Its shutter speeds vary between 1/250 and 1/40 of a second and it has fixed focus. None of these are desirable attributes, yet here we are. One positive is the fact that it takes standard AA batteries. So with little else to say about the camera and its operation (You point it at what you want to take a picture of and press the shutter button) here are some images.

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