Oct 6 2014

Nikon AF600


What happens when you accidentally leave that little switch on the P on that cheap point and shoot film camera?



It wasn’t until I received my developed film that I realized that the little 28mm f3.5 lensed Nikon AF600 I had been using was set to panoramic mode for most of the roll.  Through sheer luck or questionable compositions of putting the main subject in the center of the frame some of the images actually looked alright.

When the camera wasn’t set to panoramic mode it actually equated itself well photographically at least in the center of the frame.  But like a room that hasn’t been vacuumed in a while it’s probably best not to look in the corners.



Oct 3 2014

Fuji Instax Wide Tulips


The Fuji Instax Wide film is suprisingly good with a look of its own and provides that wonderful feed back that you just don’t get from looking at the back of a digital camera.   Having a physical representation of what you are capturing is a fun little reward.