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Interactions #12

Somehow I got out of sequence and #13 was posted before this one but here it is now.  I’m having them printed on photographic paper that has a metallic sheen to it with the intention of bringing them together into a single book.

Interactions #10

As I reach number #10 in my Interactions series I thought I would take a moment to speak about it again. As I have stated previously the source of the images that form the basis of these paintings is from images seen through mapping software.  So why not just present the image as seen without […]

Interactions #5

As I reach #5 in my Interaction series I thought it would be a good time to re-cap what I am doing.  The basis of the series of digital paintings done on my iPad is situations of human interaction.  The source of these comes from Google Street view or similar.  Many of these fleeting moments are captured […]

Interactions #2

  Interactions #1

Interactions image 1

This is the start of a series of digital paintings based on Google street views. The way we interact helps to define us as humans. These interactions can be fleeting and no more so than those captured by chance. I wanted to separate the final images from being simple screen captures and so have recreated […]