Pentax Q7 Summer Film (Lightroom Film Preset)

I enjoy using my diminutive Pentax Q7 and find that it lends itself well to creating images that have a film look in particular black and white conversions. In this case though I wanted to envoke the look of film shot in bright summer light. Perhaps film that is now a little out of date too.  As with all Lightroom presets they should be thought of as starting points.

This was created with Lightroom 5.7 and can be downloaded here Q summer film

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  • Jay Says:

    I am very much enjoying your site. I found a RED Pentax Q10 02 Standard Zoom Kit on amazon just before Christmas 2016 – Less then 200 US dollars I could not pass it up. It is a wonderful camera, although for some reason I am having a bit of difficulty getting used to all the functions. Also purchased a nice leather case for it. Truly amazing what Pentax/Ricoh has crammed into this little baby. I have an original Auto 110 SUPER Kit, also, love the miniature cameras, miniature stuff in general. Thank you -

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