Fuji DL mini (Tiara)


More about the Fuji DL Mini (Tiara) can be found in these links Verticals, Sardine Tin, Super Mini, Super Mini, Super Mini I’m starting to think that maybe I like this camera. It finds its way into a bag on almost every trip I take.

The primary reason is the fantastic 28mm f3.5 4 element lens and the controllability of the camera.  For instance if you press the focus mode button to snap and then hold it in until snap stops flashing the camera is then set for snap focus from 1.3 to 3 meters and doesn’t reset after each frame.  You can also set the camera to manual focus and then select a distance, how many point and shoots allow that?  The shutter has a nice fast 1/800 sec. top speed and an adequate 1/2 sec slow speed.   It has backlight compensation of +2EV and my favorite feature is its pocketability, its not as slim as the Olympus Stylus Epic but for cameras with 28mm lenses its one of the best.

The gallery of images were taken on a trip through Eastern Washington State using Agfa Vista 200 film.


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