Fuji DL Super Mini (The sardine tin)



Who knew a sardine tin could be used to take a picture.  The Fuji DL Super Mini (Fuji Cardia Tiara) (Fuji Discovery Super Mini) or ‘The sardine tin’ has quickly become my wide-angle film point and shoot of choice.  It has a decent amount of image making control and a really good lens.  Born around 1995 at what could be considered the pinnacle of film cameras, right before the death of film cameras, many of my favourite little cameras date from this time.  Cameras like the Ricoh R1,Pentax UC-1 and the Olympus Stylus Epic (two years later). It is small and slips in a coat pocket easily.  28mm isn’t always going to be the right focal length but isn’t that why you generally have two coat pockets?

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