Fuji DL super Mini


This is my second go around with the Fuji DL Super Mini (Cardia Tiara). The first time the roll of film had scratches running the entire length from a bent tensioning spring. I’ve fixed that and also have a better feel for the camera itself. One thing that is hard to get used to though is how close you need to be for something to fill the frame. That’s just a factor of the 28mm fixed focal length lens but without any ability to zoom it does involve getting right in there.

What prompted my return to this camera was the release of the Ricoh GR which has a lens with the same effective focal length for its sensor size. (18.3mm with an APS-c sensor). I find 28mm to be a fun focal length but not the ideal for general shooting, I much prefer 35mm. The GR somewhat addresses that with a 35mm 10Mpixel crop mode. That’s enough about digital how about some film pictures?


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