Fuji DL Super MiNi


It’s little cameras like this that remind me sometimes why I like film so much.  The camera itself cost me next to nothing and even with the rising cost of film and processing if I shot 10 rolls of film a year with it (360 exposures) that would only amount to about $100 which is nowhere near what an equivalent digital camera would cost, that is if it existed.  It has a fantastic 28mm f3.5 lens that is very sharp and contrasty.  The extreme corners of the image do suffer and are not as sharp but all things considered it is possibly the best 28mm in a compact I have seen.  The film I used in it was Kodak Ektar 100 which scans very well and creates very adjustable files.  The single thing I like the most about this camera though is the manual focus settings.  And the single thing I like the least is that any settings changes you make cause it to reset itself to auto flash where it fires more often than not.  It may be shaped like a can of sardines but there is no denying it takes a quality picture. More info and pictures can be seen here Fuji Dl Super Mini


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