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Photography can be a way of representing the world so others can see it as the photographer has but sometimes you may want to create images that expand the visual language beyond what a straight photography might allow.  One of the challenges is the representation of time in a static two dimensional format. 
One way I have tried to accomplished this is by creating series over time where multiple images together form one work.
2:44pm, 4:31pm - 2011 Pair, digital prints each (30.5cm X 30.5cm)
Eight Months, - 2011 Pair, digital prints from C-41each (25cm X 25cm)
While I mostly shoot film and try to create images with a single capture such as with the next image.
The inevitability of Piss Shark in the mind of somebody - 2017  (25cm X 40cm)
It’s fun to find solutions to create images that you first concieve in your mind.  With the next one I created the smoke in a seperate vertical oriented image and composited it with the horizontal portrait.  This allowed for the smoke to appear to be blowing into the frame rather than rising.
Suppress- 2017  (25cm X 40cm)
Another thing I like to do is use the medium itself to remind the viewer that they are looking at a representation of reality and not reality itself.  You should always question what you are looking at.
Here I’ve used the Sabattier effect of instant film to create images where extreme exposure causes areas to develop as dark subverting what the viewer expects.
Besides looking cool light leaks are another way of reminding the viewer that the image is mearly a representation of reality.
In 2013 I created “Not My Memory” which is a mosiac of hundreds of cell phone images.  The idea behind the image is that as we create more and more images they have less and less meaning.  The question to be asked is will all these images help to create memories or harm the process of establishing real ones.  I’ve purposefully stayed away from viewing the images that make up this work with the intent to revist it in the future.  At that time if I can not recall the context of an image I intent to replace it with a black space.  Future interations of the work will therefore represent the changes to my memory.  I have no idea how this will work out but I look forward to finding out.  I think 2023 would be a good time to revisit it for the first time.
Not my memory- 2013  (152cm X 101cm)
Experimental Photography
Thanks for exploring some of my more experimental photography more can be found on my blog My Notebook