Olympus Trip AF mini


The Olympus Trip AF mini is the third Amigo amoung my Leica Mini and the Minolta Freedom Escort. As I outlined before the three cameras share a lot of internal components Fraternal Twins. In fact when you look at the three with there backs open they are nearly idestinguishable. The Olympus and the Minolta appear to share the same 34mm lens while the Leica has a 35mm lens that has a different coating (Leica fairy dust)


Now more specifically this camera, the Olympus Trip AF mini has a 34mm f3.5 lens. I found it to produce vignetting on the order of one stop limited to the extreme corners. The lens is quite sharp though and without much distortion. The camera is incredibly light weight but easy to hold with its molded grip area. It has the same flash override as the others and suffers from the same slow startup where the lens extends out in a noisy slow motion mating display. Like the others though it produces results that are much beyond what their plastic shells would have you think.

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  • daveh Says:

    nice stuff , wallace, like the color in these too

  • Drew Says:

    It appears that this camera was also sold as a Panasonic C-625AF Super Mini and possibly built by Matsushita.

  • Ilsa Says:

    Hi Wallace, I have a question:

    I recently bought this camera but I don’t have the battery for the mode/date buttons yet. I just wanted to ask if there’s a way to lock the flash setting?

    And if the autofocus is center-weighted/activated by half-pressing the shutter button? So far my fiddling has been inconclusive.

    Thank you for any answers!

  • Wallace Says:

    When you change the flash setting it remains at that setting only for as long as the camera remains on. It resets to AUTO when you turn it back on again. The metering is center weighted and it uses active infrared autofocus which does allow for half press and recompose. I hope that helps. Fun little camera that allows you to just shoot without a lot of fiddling.

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