Fraternal twins? Leica and Minolta (Update)

In response to the uproar over Hasselblads Lunar rebranding of the Sony Nex7 I thought i would point out that this sort of thing has been going on for a long time. Many cameras have been released under different names. It’s been mentioned on the Internet how many parts the Minolta Freedom Escort and the Leica Mini share but a visual comparison is always nice. (Update the Olympus AF Mini is part of this litter)

Update this post has been sitting written and ready to post for over six months it just got pushed to the back. I could have removed the no longer topical reference to the Hasselblad but that camera is still funny.


Wait it’s triplets!  As Drewboom pointed out to me the Olympus Trip AF Mini was seperated from these two at birth and it definetely shares major parts with its siblings.


7 Responses to “Fraternal twins? Leica and Minolta (Update)”

  • Duncan Says:

    they are relatives. I wonder if the Pentax K-01 has a relative? oh, it does. A brick.

  • Wallace Says:

    Haha, brick, I’ve got no comeback.

  • Nikhil Ramkarran Says:

    Hasselblad could have done the usual rebranding thing and just made some minor cosmetic changes and few would have raised eyebrows. But instead they turned the cold, techno-handsome NEX7 into . . . well I’m at a loss for a suitably description of its visual inadequacy.

  • Drew Says:

    I just compared the Olympus Trip AF mini to these two cameras. I am pretty sure that this Olympus is another sister. I don’t have the Leica, but I have compared the Olympus and the Minolta before – they are as similar as these two.

  • Wallace Says:

    It certainly looks similar from the outside, Drew.

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