Canon A1 Nocturnes with Cinestill 800


I’ve written previously about using Cinestill 800T film and it’s look particularly with light sources.  Cine Still Film Tungsten 800,  Niagara at night,  and even when I had an issue how Cinestill handled it How Customer service should work

I think the Canon A-1 is well suited for nocturnal photography with its manual control of shutter speeds all the way down to 30 seconds, it has exposure compensation, self timers of 2 and 10 seconds, the LED’s can be turned off and finally it has a built in viewfinder blind activated with a lever.  50mm f1.4 lenses are also readily available and add to it’s low light usability.  All that and frankly it looks cool, it is the epitome of late 1970’s early 1980’s design and camera technology.

A previous post on this camera can be seen here Canon A1  The image of the car wash is also the cover image of Latent Image Magazine Issue #5

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