Cine Still Film Tungsten 800


I tried out my first roll of Cine Still film on a whirlwind weekend in Gatineau Quebec. The film is Kodak Vision 3 Tungsten film that has been prepared and loaded for use in 35mm still cameras. Unfortunately through several issues many of the frames are quite under exposed. Im not trying to make excuses but it is something to learn from. I used my Pentax Super Program which doesn’t meter that accurately in such low light and turned out to have the issue of the self timer not working. The thin underexposed frames resulted in extremely grainy pictures with little detail in the mid tones. When there was sufficient light though the results were very good with lots of detail from dark to bright and reasonably fine grain especially for ISO800 film. As it is Tungsten film designed for use under light with a colour temperature of around 3200degrees I used an 85B filter to correct for daylight, however it was also easy to correct for the colour balance during scanning making the filter possibly unnecessary. As I initially said it was a whirlwind tour with only a brief amount of time mostly at night in very low light and rain, but hopefully I can take what I’ve learned about this film and make some improvements with my next roll.

As a final note on order for the film to be developed with standard C41 Processing Cine Still Film removes the anti-halation rem-jet backing from the film prior to packaging. The absence of this backing results in an interesting halo effect around light sources.


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