Fuji Epion 3500


I’m missing a major part of this camera which renders it a point and shoot in the strictest sence.  I can’t even over ride the flash.  originally this camera had a cover that also functioned as a controller that could be moved from the front of the camera to the rear or as a remote using IR.  It’s not a common camera, in fact mine is the only one I’ve ever seen,  so the prospect of finding one with the cover is low.  Once my limited supply of APS film is gone there may not be much reason to keep this otherwise interesting camera.

Advantix_APS_filmThis is what APS film looks like if you were wondering, the scanner at the lab jammed and it had to be extricated.

4 Responses to “Fuji Epion 3500”

  • Duncan Says:

    That lab sounds like it sucks

  • Wallace Says:

    They are very nice people that work there don’t speak poorly of them, Duncan. The APS scanner makes sounds like it’s shredding the film but other than that at least it gets the job done.

  • polarsangye Says:

    I just got given one and it has the cover thing – not to excited to use aps film though, yuk – but your images look good so maybe i should. Just that i home develop so it introduces a serious hurdle (assuming i get the thing working)

  • Wallace Says:

    I can only imagine how tough developing APS would be I’m not sure it’s worth it. I do it as much for the fun of it as anything.

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