Leica Mini Shots

As I’ve posted before I like the Leica Mini finding it does a great job as a point and shoot.  I unfortunately used some pretty poor film in it this last time and didn’t really end up with too many keepers.  These four shots are my favorites and stand out from the rest mostly because they turned out.  Note to self outdated  Kodak 400 is to be avoided.

3 Responses to “Leica Mini Shots”

  • Nikhil Ramkarran Says:

    I really like the contrail photo. I’m curious to know if you try to match the characteristics of the film/camera with the scenes you photograph. Or if you just take whatever interests you, regardless of the camera.

  • Wallace Says:

    I had to think about that for a moment and I suppose the answer is that I photograph pretty much the same no matter what the medium. I do reserve the better more expensive films for the better cameras and give slightly more reverence to the image when I shoot Medium format.. Thanks for asking Nikhil.

  • Nikhil Ramkarran Says:

    When I tried film again last year I was making some kind of attempt to match film to scene, but I gave it up as being impractical where I was shooting film so rarely.

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