I Leica you!

The 35mm focal length was  very popular on fixed lens compact cameras so you might be forgiven for thinking they all perform the same.  If I’m to be totally honest that’s what I was thinking when I tried this camera.  So the 35mm f3.5 Elmar did do a great job with sharp clear images, but what really set this camera apart for me  was the accuracy of the center weighted metering,  it got all 36 frames right.  There are few controls, primarily flash auto,on,off and infinity focus as well as a self timer and that’s it.  Simple yet effective.  Now for the downside.  It’s not that durably built, it has a fair amount of barrel distortion and some vignetting when it uses large apertures.

Most of the images I took on this roll were reference shots for future paintings so I don’t actually have that many images to include. 

By the way this is my 200th post, just saying, I don’t need a cake or anything but it’s 200 posts after all.

4 Responses to “I Leica you!”

  • Nikhil Ramkarran Says:

    Quite a milestone, 200 posts. I hope you are getting out of blogging what you hoped. It can be rewarding to get feedback from the most unexpected of sources, but it can be disappointing when you post and it drops away like it never happened.

    That second image (first after the camera) is quite interesting. It rewards repeated viewing.

  • Wallace Says:

    I appreciate the comments greatly. Such a small percentage of the people that find themselves viewing my work actually comment that it can be a bit disappointing. I will keep going though and I do enjoy sharing what I create and writing about it too.

  • dave Says:

    the design , the art, in the industrial design of these older cameras – even in the logos. something beautiful about just the cameras themeselves, isn’t there.

  • Wallace Says:

    You’ve pretty much summed up my attraction to these cameras, and I am actually working on a painting of the Leica logo allong the same lines as my “Made in Occupied Japan” painting.

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