Canon QL17 G-III vs Yashica Electro 35 GX Part 3

Samples  –  Here are some sample images shot with the two cameras as well as with the Pentax K-7.  With the K-7 I used the FA 28-70 f4 lens at the 28mm focal length which equates to about 42mm in terms of 35mm film.  I could have used the SMC A 28mm but I wanted to have other focal lengths available when I wasn’t taking test shots. 

So what did I find.  Well they are very close in output, so much so that more difference occurs during scanning and editing than from the actual image capture.  However the Yashica did seem to get the exposure better in more cases resulting in cleaner negatives with less grain after processing.  This could simply be down to the specific cameras and batteries I have though as the cameras are now undeniably old.  So which one would I pick?  Well I do really like the ability to shoot manually with the Canon and I do like the flexibility of the shutter on the Yashica, so I have to give them both a place on the shelf.  I will definitely be trying some better film in the Yashica and it’s rarity makes it a conversation piece.  I have to say that even though I used cheap Kodak 200 I was pleased with the look of the images.  It takes some work to get the digital files to have a similar look because not all the differences between colours are equal.  I didn’t in this case make any changes to the digital files just for the comparisons.

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4 Responses to “Canon QL17 G-III vs Yashica Electro 35 GX Part 3”

  • Nikhil Ramkarran Says:

    This seems like its been a lot of work. I hope you will do more of these but I am guessing you will think long and hard before you do. 🙂

    For what its worth, I absolutely enjoyed it.

  • Wallace Says:

    I actually don’t find it to be that much work. I already want to take pictures so I just carry a second camera. Thank you, I do plan to do more of this in the future next up are two medium format 6×6 folders.

  • dave Says:

    gee, i think that yashica has both the canon and the k-7 beat for image quality, what do you think?

  • Wallace Says:

    Dave the Yashica image quality us impressive and I am now shooting a roll of Ektar 100 which is much better film. For these test shots I did not adjust exposure so I could have done better with the K-7 also to be fair I should have used a better prime lens as well. But as it is a bit of an apples and oranges comparison I am giving myself some latitude.

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