Lordox 24×36

What to say about this camera, well it takes 24x36mm negatives like it’s name says.  It’s a camera like it appears to be.  Oh and if you point it at the sun you get the greatest lens flare, which may be reason enough to own it.  The lens quite frankly is poor the viewfinder is poorer and it’s usability is poorest.  It’s a zone focus camera and not a rangefinder. It’s greatest technological achievement is that it has a double exposure prevention mechanism but does require setting the shutter separately from winding the film.  Maybe someday in the future when I have forgotten all these flaws I’ll shoot another roll with it.

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  • dave Says:

    a nice exposure on the photo top left of the stepped building facade , with shadow and bright area. nice looking little camera too. isn’t good design beautiful.

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