DSC-V3 Black and white

While by digital camera standards this camera is now ancient, November of 2004, I still enjoy using it for Infrared photo’s and sometimes just because I really like it.  One thing I’ve recently started to do is to shoot RAW with it despite the fact that the write times with RAW are very long.  By shooting RAW and processing in the latest version of Lightroom 3 I am able to wring a lot more detail out of the files than ever before essentially giving it some new life.

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  • Nikhil Ramkarran Says:

    It can be surprising how little camera you need to produce aesthetically superior photographs. I won’t argue whether we need or don’t need the constant upgrades, because many (or even most) clearly do. But to simply take good photos, well they were managing that with a wooden box and a pinhole a while ago.

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