Fuji Provia 400f Cross Processed in C41

Provia400F_001 WesterAutorol-1664

I acquired this roll of expired Provia 400f from Beau photo and its been in my fridge waiting its turn.  I finally loaded it into the Wester Autorol which is a nice folding 120 rangefinder.  More about this camera can be seen in these posts Wester Autorol  .  But primarily I wanted to talk about the Provia 400f developed in C41 (Colour Negative) chemistry.  In the following two comparison images on the left is digital capture that closely represents the scene and on the right is how it looks on the Provia 400f

Provia400colourshift1 Provia400colourshift2

A loose description of what is occurring is that the yellows and oranges are being shifted in hue towards green and the blues are shifting towards cyan.  Then there is purple and its nearly complete absence from the cross processed Provia 400F.  I wish I had more of this film to try but Fuji has replaced it with Provia 400X although they do still produce Provia 100F. Bellow is the structure of the film and its different layers when developed as intended in E6 colour reversal chemistry.


I look forward to giving that a try of course doing it with cross processing again with its unique look.

One thing about one film: Provia 400f came out in 2001 and was described as the finest grain 400 slide film available.  

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