Konica, Big Mini

Everyone loves a good oxymoron right.  The Big Mini, is a modern classic that is clearly misunderstood.  The camera is small so that must be the mini, so what’s big?  The pictures it creates?  Not really, there the same size as any other 35mm camera.  OK it’s just a catchy name for a decent camera.  One nice feature is the +- 1.5 exposure compensation, which works great for backlit scenes, like the one of the trees with the sun behind.  It’s also quite good at close distances focusing down to 35cm.  Hmm 35mm lens,35mm film, f3.5, 35cm close focus,  those stats almost exactly seem like they are accidentally on purpose.

Ok that’s enough, I’m almost done, how many oxymorons are in my post of vexing fun?

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