When a subject is just too big.

There was a tree that I wanted to take a picture of and I knew it was going to be just too big to capture in one image at the sort of resolution that I wanted.  So I took multiple high resolution images with the intent of stitching them together in the computer.  This leaves me with a new dilemma though, how to convey the size of the tree to a viewer on the Internet.  I could have attempted to include something in the frame to give scale “Here Bessy, here Bessy…” but cows are notoriously bad at taking directions and even then I’m not sure the impact could still be carried through with a small image.  So I’ve essentially taken control of the viewing experience and am presenting the picture in the form of a video.

And just to prove my point about impact here is a small web friendly version of the image.

2 Responses to “When a subject is just too big.”

  • Pablo Says:

    I think the suggested cow might had done the job.
    What software did you use to stitch the photos together?

  • Wallace Says:

    I use Realviz stitcher, It does the job but if I were doing a lot of stitching I’m pretty sure I would try something else. Newer versions may be better but I find it to be buggy and not very user friendly when you need to make adjustments.

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