Cell phone as camera, Nokia N95

It’s been said numerous times that the best camera is the one you have with you.  The one electronic item that I carry more than any camera is my cell phone, so it stands to reason that I should have a phone that I can use as a camera “two birds one stone”.  While not the latest phone, I replaced mine recently with a Nokia N95 which has a 5Mp sensor and a f2.8 lens.  When compared to a dedicated camera the focus is slow and the controls are limited but working around these limitations is part of the appeal.

Because the sensor is so small separating subject and background with shallow depth of field is a challenge and you really need to select material that lays on different planes or has good contrast.  The photo’s I took were either taken with the phone set to capture black and white or with an eye to converting them to B&W later.  I will do some more with colour in a later post.

3 Responses to “Cell phone as camera, Nokia N95”

  • Nikhil Ramkarran Says:

    Well I won’t make any simplistic judgments about it being the photographer and not the camera, I do believe that the camera plays its part. But a good photographer really doesn’t need a brilliant camera to take a great shot.

  • sonya Says:

    you did this with a cell phone?? i’m super impressed!!

  • Wallace Says:

    Thanks, but as far as cell phone’s go this one is also a pretty good camera.

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