Pentax D FA 100mm Macro WR with K-7

Pentax SMC D FA 100 Macro WR from Wallace Ross on Vimeo.

I only wish every lens I have was weather proof.  The SMC D FA 100mm Macro WR is though and it is an amazing lens with great build that suites the K-7 very well.  Manual focus is very smooth with this lens making it ideal for shooting video.  As a prime lens and a macro you get an optically brilliant performer and with the curved aperture blades the out of focus areas are rendered in a beautiful creamy softness even at apertures that on other lenses would give an harsher geometric bokeh.  So what if anything are the drawbacks to this lens?  One fact of life for a macro like this is that in auto focus it can take longer to focus from it’s minimum to infinity and if you miss it can end up doing a bit of hunting.  This prevents it from being an ideal all around lens at this focal length but if you take this limitation into consideration the results can be stunning.

As an aside I continue to be amazed at the accuracy of the Auto White balance of the K-7.  it just gets it right and there is little or no adjustment required.  This is great for video where RAW is obviously not an option.

This still image at the beginning was taken with a mid 1950’s Braun Paxette II which I hope to post about separately after I get another roll of film through it.

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  • Nikhil Ramkarran Says:

    Okay, for the first time I am genuinely envious 🙂 I’ve had that macro in my shopping car, monitoring the price since it was released.

    I have the Vivitar Series I 105mm, but I have been itching for the Pentax Macro almost since I bought a Pentax 5 years ago.

    Good shooting, I am looking forward to seeing what you make of it.

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