When Beauty isn’t subjective.

Let me explain, from around 1957 to 1963 there was a Japanese camera company that manufactured under the name Beauty.  There really is very little information available so I’m relying on Camarapedia for much of it.  http://www.camerapedia.org/wiki/Beauty_Lightomatic.  This particular camera the Lightomatic,  “wasn’t everything in the fifties ‘omatic?”, has a fast f1.9 45mm lens.  The selenium cell is attached to a  meter  visible on the top and is coupled to the shutter and aperture.  A unique feature of the film advance lever is that it needs to be left partially out otherwise the shutter is locked.  The viewfinder has parallax correction and shows a generous amount of area outside the picture frame.  It’s an attractive camera that I will need to test further to determine it’s strengths and weaknesses.

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