Skytrain reflection

It’s nice when things turn out like you planned even when your pushing the boundaries of your experience.  I needed to take public transit to get downtown Vancouver so I ended up on what is called the “Skytrain” which was originally built for Expo 86.  I brought along my Olympus XA2 because it fits in a pocket and I like the images it produces.  During the commute I considered taking a few exposures inside the train but didn’t really see anything that was all that compelling.  However as I was standing up the entire time I was near the ceiling and observed that the people where smeared into a diffuse reflection above.  So I turned the camera upside down and pressed it against the ceiling.  This did two things, it eliminated any camera shake and recorded the reflections.  Really only one person paid any attention to me and even that was for only a brief moment.

Mar2010_Vancouver_XA2_002 copy

2 Responses to “Skytrain reflection”

  • Marc Says:

    I love this shot. I would have never thought to put the camera upside-down on the roof of the train, but I will now. In fact, I’ll probably be flipping the camera over more often to see what I’ve been missing. Thanks for the inspiration.

  • Wallace Says:

    It’s a trick I learned from using a TLR, you can hold the camera over your head and look up to compose.

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