Snow Pictures Pentax 24EW


Why would I choose to use a point and shoot film camera to take pictures in the snow?  Exposure compensation is my answer.  The Pentax 24EW has the best exposure compensation system of any point and shoot I have or am aware of.  It allows +-3 EV in half steps.  That is an enormous bonus when shooting in the snow which tends to be very bright and cause camera metering systems to over compensate resulting in an under exposed image.  Using the Pentax 24Ew in this case I dialed in +1 to +2 EV which means that the shutter would stay open twice to four times as long  for the same aperture.  The other thing that you want to do when taking pictures in the snow is to ensure the flash doesn’t fire.  If it does it can cause some areas to be over exposed and if the light catches falling snow flakes they are likely to become just bright little lights obscuring the image.  And the other reason for using this camera is of course it’s 24mm wide end of the zoom range.  Other posts that include the Pentax 24ew  Wide angle Point and Shoot  Pentax 24ew the Ewwwwww  E X T R A     W I D E

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