Farmhouse with Olympus XA2

I find I really like the 35mm focal length that the Olympus XA2 has as well as many other small cameras from the late 70’s early 1980’s.  It’s noticeably wide yet gives a convincingly natural field of view.  With the Xa2’s three zones of focus you might think that it would be difficult to achieve sharp results but this isn’t the case and it also frees you to work on composition rather than focus.  These images where processed in Lightroom.



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  • Nikhil Ramkarran Says:

    First, I think both photos are excellent. But second (and more importantly) I want to say thanks for exploring these different cameras.

    I love photography, every aspect of it. The gear, the process of taking the photo, the art, the editing/processing on the PC and the printing.

    Unfortunately for me, it is only through you, and others like you that I get to live vicariously and enjoy the process of taking pictures with different equipment.

    I can imagine the pleasure of making art with the most mundane or simple tools.

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