Voigtlander Bessa 46 (Baby Bessa)



Q: Are the images sharp? 

A: Like a razor left in the rain for two years

Q: Are they free of camera shake? 

A: No I drink a lot of coffee

Q. Is the lens distortion free?

A: Like a Salvidor Dali painting

Q: Why do you use it then?

A: Because it was there, it’s a beautiful camera, it requires thought to use and I like the look of the results.

A significant difference with this camera is that the shutter release is operated with your left hand. That may sound awkward if your right-handed like me but it’s so good where it is that it’s hard to imagine it on the other, more common, side.


I’ve written about this camera on occasion so a search of my blog will provide some more examples and writings  Voigtlander Bessa 46


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