Canon Luna


The Autoboy Luna sports a 28-70mm f5.6-7.8 lens comprised of 8 elements in 7 groups.  Like many Canon point and shoots of the time it used their 3 point ‘Smart Autofocus’ system which I’ve found to be very reliable.

It offers shutter speeds of 2 seconds to 1/590 second and a minimum aperture of f32 and a max aperture of 5.6 at 28mm which allows it to cover a range of EV4 – 20 not too shabby for a point and shoot.

Its a nice little camera and mine obviously made its way from Japan after its purchase as it has Japanese markings as well as the date function. AutoboyLuna-1678CanonLuna_Agfa200_Feb2017_036

This camera also goes by the name ‘Sure Shot Z70W’  however I prefer the similar but newer Canon Z90W for its greater focal length at the telephoto end and faster aperture at the wide end but this is a nice little camera from the mid 1990′s

One thing about one camera:  The name Luna comes from the Moon shaped lens cover.



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