Finding the image inside a scene

When you’re out photographing and you notice something interesting the first reaction may be to snap a picture, you wouldn’t be wrong.  The next reaction should be how can I make that better.  Questions such as camera settings and  where should I stand and how will that look need to be thought through.  It may come naturally to envision a scene from a different vantage point or it may come from practice.  Practice should take the form of thinking about how something will look from somewhere else and then going there and seeing for yourself.  Technically you don’t even need a camera it just requires actually thinking about what you are seeing around you.  Using a zoom lens gives more options but may actually hinder this type of creativity as it tends to make you stand where you are and try to frame a scene, rather than actively searching.

Here is an example.  I saw this scene and took an initial image.  I then noticed the curve of the shore and how the fence could make an interesting foreground element.  So I left the trail and headed for the beach.

And here is the image that resulted.  I did have to wait for the man trying to fly the parachute to get it airborne again and luckily this seagull was the bravest of them all and didn’t fly off.

One Response to “Finding the image inside a scene”

  • Nikhil Ramkarran Says:

    To an non-photographer observer we must look very silly sometimes. Running hither and tither, getting down to the ground, leaning this way and that; all to get the perfect shot.

    I am looking forward to a more contemplative pace of photography next year, when I don’t have to get a photo a day. A superbly photographed scene like this is rare in my collection and I hope, without the need to get something for the day’s post, I’ll be able to get close to such excellence.

    That second photo is quite possibly the best I’ve seen in a long time. Each and every element from the rope with the floats in the close foreground to the curve in the distance seems to come together perfectly harmoniously. Superb!

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