Konica Zup28 Kodak 400


I liked this camera so much that I bought another one, that or I forgot I already had one somewhere, you decide.  I have it of course because of its 28mm wide angle which isn’t too bad for barrel distortion but suffers from chromatic aberrations.  (Light of different wavelengths not arriving exactly at the same spot resulting in colour fringing at edges).  Its claim to fame is that it was the first 28mm wide angle point and shoot camera back in 1990.  Despite this it isn’t too bad for a point and shoot though it is a large camera.  The large size though is only a factor for packing it around it is nice in use unlike the ungainly Nikon Zoom touch 800.  I shot two rolls of film back to back with this camera these images are from Kodak Max 400 and gave better results than the Kodak 200 that followed likely because the camera chose a smaller aperture with the faster film.  A past post about this camera Konica Zup28W

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