Sometimes its enough to make you want to use a digital camera


There is a ‘feature’ of the Contax RTS that has now bitten me twice.  On many SLR’s of its vintage with manual film advance the film rewind level turns to indicate that the film is actually advancing.  Not so with the RTS it has a fancy system that allows the rewind lever to remain stationary even when the film advances but that is also exactly what it also looks like when the film isn’t advancing at all.  To be fair I should have double and triple checked that it was working but in my excitement to continue taking pictures I guess I forgot.  So after quite some time and 36 blank frames of missed opportunity I discovered my error.  That put a damper on what was otherwise a great day where I also saw and bought some fantastic art cards from a fellow photographer. Here is the GPS track of my photographic excursion so I will actually re-cover the ground at some point where I have no images.


It’s tough because I can remember several pictures that I thought I took and was quite pleased with.  I really hope the other camera I was using for the first half of my tour worked.

A little bit of information for thought:  A 35mm 36 exposure roll of film is about 1.4meters long, a 32Gbyte card will store about 600 RAW images from my Pentax K-3 DSLR which if it where film would be about 23.3meters long.  That amount of film canisters would also weigh around 375g not that I would shoot that much film in a day.

Provided the first 24 exposure roll from the RTS turns out I will have a little mini review and further rant at that time.


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