People by Fiona Howarth at the Kariton gallery


If you see a lot of imagery and primarily online it can be easy to forget the pleasure of looking at a quality photographic print. This is the case with Fiona Howarths “People” at the Kariton Gallery, it is an absolute visual delight. The prints themselves have a consistency that ties them together along with the subject matter and strong yet subtle compositions. The use of the medium of film as the means of capture lends a certain look as well, it was after some reflection that I realized that they reminded me of the photographs I was familiar with from the National Geographic magazines of my youth.

This collection of imagery presents a candid look into moments of the subjects day. The physical distance often held between the photographer and the poeple gives the viewer the sense they are there as an unseen flaneur. The pictures transcend the notion that they are travel photographs, rather they are sincere glimpses into the subjects lives and visually rich environments.  Seen from the point of view of a western life the differences are immediately apparent yet the humanity captured allows you to believe that it could be you in the scene.

The show runs from June 28, 2013 to July 23, 2013 and if you are able I strongly recommend seeing it, I will be returning for a further look.

As is with the structure of the Kariton gallery the prints are available for purchase.

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