Nishika N8000


I’m sure the original developers of this lenticular camera system couldn’t have envisioned wiggle grams, but without the ability to print these images, as they were intended, this is a pretty good substitute. The idea is similar in a way. With The original prints you view one image at a time by changing the angle that you view the print at either by moving the print or your ocular system (eyes it sounded more technical). Each of the four images are┬ávisible at a different angle because of the lenticular filter in front of the image. With a wiggle gram the images are shown in place and in sequence giving the 3D effect.

Cliff_fence3D_Nishika NishikaMay2013_Blocks Industrial3D plane3D raspberries3D NishikaMay2013_008

These were shot using the Nishika N8000 of course and another post about it can be seen here Nishika N8000

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