Diptychs on film

Taking two pictures that go together is an added challenge that I enjoy.  Sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn’t.  I tried this previously here Diptychs also using the Yashica Samurai because it’s half frame and runs the film vertically like a movie camera. This allows  images to be stacked right on the negative.  This is different from almost every other 35mm camera of course because their film runs horizontally through the camera.

As I wrote on a napkin previously you need to take the lower image first because of the way the film travels and  the inversion of the image through the lens.Film_flip

3 Responses to “Diptychs on film”

  • Nikhil Ramkarran Says:

    This is a cool idea, I’m glad you’ve kept at it. Two differing perspectives in one view.

  • xzu Says:

    These are incredible! I’ve been interested in diptychs for quite some time since researching my Samurai and coming upon diptychs quite by accident. I find them quite clever and very artistic…this would definitely be something I’d like to try myself. Thank you for sharing these…I’ve been inspired anew!

  • Wallace Says:

    It’s a fun exercise but is made even more difficult because the viewfinder is not very accurate but then some randomness can be fun.

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