Minolta Vectis S-1


Not much point saving APS film for a rainy day unless it’s in the Minolta Vectis S1, a rainy day camera. As APS film gets further and further from its best before date it goes from bad to worse. This film was a gift from a fellow photographer (DLTphotographic) so I’m not complaining in fact I’m grateful but back in the heyday of APS ( there was no heyday) it was already questionable. That stigma of inferiority still stains the term APS even now when it is much more likely to be used to refer to the digital sensor size APSc. On the basis of only data a digital full frame sensor of the same generation will be better than an APSc sensor but the gap between their performance is no where near the difference between APS film and 35mm film. What point am I trying to make, well there seems to be a general theme on the Internet forums that for serious photography you need to have a “full frame” sensor based camera but this ignores the final output. Two prints from two excellent cameras with good lenses but different size sensors are hard to distinguish.  The photographer continues to be the most important part of photography for now.  Now here are some crappy pictures to look at.


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