Vancouver’s Chinatown

I spent a few hours last week meandering around the area of Vancouver know as Chinatown taking photos with what cameras I could fit in my pockets. On the digital side I had a Sigma dp1s for its wide 28mm equivalent focal length lens and a Pentax Q with its 47mm equivalent lens. You can see my feelings about the Sigma here. I only had a couple of hours so I perhaps spent more time walking around than I might have otherwise. I think slowing down and spending more time in a spot produces better results but moving around also let’s you see more. The 28 & 47mm focal lengths make a good paring however the addition of a longer lens would have been welcome for many instances, in fact the 28-200mm equivalent of the my Nikon P7000 would have been ideal.  Ultimately though I will have some unique lenses for the Pentax Q that will compliment the P7000 rather than replace it.  With my concentration on these two cameras I didn’t finish the film I was shooting so that will have to come later, however here are the images

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